A message about BackFit from

Dr. Tarpoff

What is Backfit about?

The driving force behind what defines Backfit is passion for patient care and a relentless pursuit toward optimizing outcomes. Each and every patient is unique, and is assessed and treated within his/her unique profile.

Whether it is improving the ability to make it through the day without pain, adding another 20 yards off of the tee, shaving seconds off of your time, or optimizing your overall health and performance naturally…Backfit provides a platform to getting you back to doing what you want to be doing.

Everything is pretty cut and dry, but in case you have any questions you can find answers below.

Is this an ordinary chiropractic clinic?

NO. Our approach to both assessment and care are unique. We help patients restore function, maintain proper joint mechanics and resume daily activities. Further, we teach our patients how to sustain good health and maximum performance, minimizing future doctor visits. This comprehensive care usually includes training or exercises that match the patient’s lifestyle/physical activity. Our methods include exercise, FDM, muscle and joint manipulation/adjustment and rehabilitation.

Will I have to come back for a long time?

NO. Our comprehensive care is based on the patient’s individual needs and case complexity-not based on predetermined treatment plans. Our goal is to reduce your tension or injury and teach you ways to keep the issue from returning. This preventative approach requires patient participation. The closer you follow the recommendations the faster and longer you are likely to remain free of the pain and out of our office.

How do I know when I have completed my treatment?

The end of treatment is usually based on the achievement of mutual goals established by you and the doctor. We encourage you to focus on reaching activity and performance goals and not only seek pain relief. Temporary relief of pain does not lead to long-term success. Learning to take charge of your health and performance will lead to lasting physical improvements.

Will Backfit offer any complimentary services?

NO. We value your health. Utilizing our unique approach to assessment and treatment, Backfit offers comprehensive chiropractic care.

Dr. Tarpoff has worked at the forefront of cutting-edge chiropractic and medical research, personally studying with world-renowned physicians and researchers. As a patient, you’re receiving unique, innovative treatment plans based on clinical studies. Our goal is to promptly restore function and help you resume your daily activities. By providing comprehensive treatments determined by your individual needs, coupled with active patient participation, you’ll enjoy unparalleled care and improved performance at a reasonable cost.

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