With upcoming mailers I will provide you with some basic mobility tools for your “toolbox”. The REBUILDING series is a series of specific range of motion and mobility exercises aimed at restoring lost function. The first sequence is REBUILDING THE FOOT.

Before going any further it’s time for some brutal honesty… There is no quick fix when it comes to restoring biomechanics and tissue function.

So, is it possible to take someone with a “flat foot” and restore the arch?

If the necessary anatomy is there…absolutely… it just depends on how long it takes for the body to respond to the new stresses put upon it. In most cases we are talking months. So be patient!!!

Rebuilding the foot: Sequence #1

  1. standing toe lifts (x20 reps)
  2. seated toe spreads, foot wringer (10 pumps into each direction)
  3. toe stretches (each toe, no more than 10 sec holds in each direction)
  4. stand spread and grip (x20 reps)
  5. heel raise (calf raise – slow and controlled full range of motion continuously…goal of 60 seconds non stop)

*These exercises are to be performed pain free*
**Be patient with the toe spread exercise. Your foot has likely been molded to a narrow shoe (for most of your life), and will take time to adapt.
***You can perform this sequence 3-5 times weekly.

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