Fix it Right


Fixing the injured tissue without addressing the underlying problem is like putting new tires on a car that is out of alignment



If you experience a non-traumatic injury Those related tissues failed for a reason

Train your mind



You can’t outrace injury physiology, but you certainly can optimize the healing conditions

Backfit programs are created to...

help you hack your body mechanics and physiology. These programs have been developed based years of training and research and will be an ultimate guide to resolving injury, preventing injury, and optimizing performance.

How we approach each step is what ultimately makes Backfit’s treatment uniquely successful.

Backfit patients are treated using a three-pronged approach.




Implications of Chronic Mouth Breathing

This video is too good not to share.  I talk a lot about breathing and how it impacts a variety of things physiologically.  The video just touches the tip of the iceberg in regards to what is occurring mechanically, and some of the adverse effects.  It's a very good...

External Rotation Progression

Here are a few basics of what I would consider an essential progression of external rotation exercises.  With the postural and positional demands of modern life, the external rotators are typically placed in a poor mechanical position to function optimally.  The only...

Take Your Shoes Off!

More than 80% of the US population experiences low back pain at some point every year.  There have been many valid theories posed as to why, but little seems to have been done in regards to what we are going to do about it.  I am thoroughly convinced that the answer...
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