Here are a few basics of what I would consider an essential progression of external rotation exercises.  With the postural and positional demands of modern life, the external rotators are typically placed in a poor mechanical position to function optimally.  The only ways to combat this dilemma are to isolate and focus on retraining this musculature, then retraining functional movement patterns where the tissue is under load and utilized in a “reflexive state”.  ISOLATE – INTEGRATE

If you want to program this into your present workload consider the following:

  • 3-4 sets of 4-6 second eccentric for 8-12 reps — If load is light, increase rep range, but do not go to failure.
  • The exercises below are in order from least difficult to most.  Start at the beginning, and take your time retraining this tissue. **Some may need 3-4 weeks per exercise.
  • Couple this work with scapular mobility drills, or crawling variations.



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