Your brain craves movement. so… FEED IT!

Infamous “mover” Ido Portal states:

“Movement is big. Bigger than any specific discipline and it contains within it huge worlds like the world of fitness, dance, martial arts, strength, flexibility, circus and more. Specializing is great – but beyond our specialties – we are all Human First, Movers Second, and only then specialists”…

There are a million ways to approach this. In our context, I want you to envision movement as how well you are able to move within your given environment. How well can you manipulate your environment? How do you challenge yourself? With self examination, do you find you tend to move in set patterns? Do you have discomfort/difficulty/pain with any “routine” activities?

Can you get down to the floor and back up with no pain or limitation in movement? Now this sounds easy, and for some it is. But, for a greater majority of people this is something that is routinely taken for granted.
Getting down to the ground and back up is an essential human movement. In fact, it is a fantastic marker for “physical” age. And as risk factors for falling increase as we age, the ability to perform such a seemingly simple movement becomes even more essential.

So, what does this have to do with a movement practice? Martial artists practice, yogis practice, doctors practice, athletes practice. All of these individuals “practice” a given skill in order to improve their outcomes whatever they may be. My recommendation is to develop a MOVEMENT PRACTICE. Setting aside even 5 minutes a day to address your limitations can have a profound impact on what it is you really want to be doing. Improving movement characteristics improves all other physical skill characteristics across the board.

Human first, Mover second, then Specialist…

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