We, in general, have forgotten how to move.  Human movement is partially what makes us as a species unique (that and our brain, but some believe our brain is partially a result of our ability to move).  From a philosophical standpoint: If we have forgotten how to move, have we then lost our humanity?

What can be done to tap back into human potential?  The answer really is pretty simple (but the application is the difficult part)… MOVE!


Spend time on your hands everyday.  Here is a warmup drill I like to use.  Like I mentioned earlier, we have forgotten how to move.  That means we can not feel what is right or wrong.  Using an external cue, like the broomstick, can pay dividends in training and developing movement capacity.

Crawling. External cues for trunk stability. #backfit #drsorders #bangthatrock #broomstick #idoportal

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Crawling is something many take for granted.  It is a developmental pattern that I wish more children would be given the opportunity to spend more time in.  Instead, parents in their haste to see their kids walk will try to speed development by putting the kids in walkers and bouncers etc.  Not always a good thing!  We can take a stroll down that rabbit hole another time…

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